Glad You Came is a Scandinavian duo consisting of the Norwegian vocalist and guitarist Lorenzo and the Danish bassist Simon. Late fall 2011 they joined forces and formed Glad You Came with the purpose of creating catchy and naughty pop rock. The many mysteries of life and love are neatly spun in a web of self-irony and humor, because life’s too short for anything else.

Their first release was the single Chase the Light, which was released in August 2012. It’s their first single from their EP “We Are Glad You Came”, which was released in December 2012.
The duo has primarily been playing at different venues in Copenhagen, Denmark as well as in Norway.

On the EP and live, they’re accompanied by drummer Thomas Drumazz Kjær, Amanda Wium Hallstrøm on keys and backup vocals, and Sheena Ingemann on backup vocals. In addition, Per Wium is appearing on one of the tracks as organist.

Glad You Came - looking at birds

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